Module 6: Choosing The Right CBD Partner (Wholesale & Private Label)

Choosing the right partner is crucial your longevity in business. The CBD market is booming and there are lots of companies fighting for market share in the space. There are also lots of companies that offer low quality products and are not operating with integrity. You want to do your due diligence and vet companies and their products thoroughly before you partner with them. The quickest way to fail in your CBD business is to offer low quality products and services.

You will soon realize that the CBD industry is highly unregulated so you need to try products from various companies. You also want to pay attention to their processes and customer service.

Here are 5 main factors to consider when choosing your CBD distributor. 

  • Choose a high-quality product
  • Choose a company with great service
  • Choose a company that fits with your standards
  • Choose a company with logical pricing and product selection.
  • Choose a company with great marketing support.


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