Module 8: Marketing Your CBD Business

So you've set up your business and now you're ready to start making sales. The real work begins now. Marketing your CBD brand will be a huge challenge in itself. You'll have to get really creative but there are ways to get your products in front of eyeballs without a huge financial commitment.



Let's discuss what NOT to do first.


You Can't Use These Popular Marketing Strategies


  • Facebook is NOT cannabis friendly

  • If you try to create ads, they will "red flag" your business

  • You run the risk of your Ad account being shut down

  • You CAN create posts, stories, videos


  • Also NOT Cannabis friendly

  • Your ARE allowed to sell CBD but your labels CANNOT say "CBD" anywhere

  • Your labels and descriptions should read "Hemp Extract"

Top Ways To Market Your CBD Brand

Word Of Mouth

  • An endorsement from a single person can bring lots of attention/ sales

  • People believe follow what they see. If one person they trust gives the "OK", then other people are willing to try

  • If your product works, then word can spread

  • Start an informational blog or vlog
  • YouTube, Facebook Live, IG stories are great ways to market your business
  • Have links to your brand and website in your content
Trade Shows And Vendor Expos
  • Choose expos that fit your target market
  • Allows for face to face interaction
Influencer Marketing
  • Leverage other people's large following to boost your brand for a cheap price
  • Focus on "micro Influencers"
Emails Marketing
  • The easiest way to may a quick $1000+ in one day
  • Send out email blast to your audience about sales and information
  • The most cost effective email solution we've found (and use) is called MailerLite. You can create landing pages, email campaigns, list segmentation, automation, etc. starting at $0. 




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My wife and I are working to launch our CBD Business

“MODAE Health & Wellness”

We are a black owned startup based in Burbank, California.

We ran across you blog on starting a CBD business and wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and insight with us.

Just seeing your success and your willingness to share with others entrepreneurs is an inspiration for us. Motivating us to keep pushing forward toward the possible. Thanks!

Continued Success and Blessing to you!

Errick Gibson November 21, 2020

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