Module 8: Marketing Your CBD Business

So you've set up your business and now you're ready to start making sales. The real work begins now. Marketing your CBD brand will be a huge challenge in itself. You'll have to get really creative but there are ways to get your products in front of eyeballs without a huge financial commitment.



Let's discuss what NOT to do first.


You Can't Use These Popular Marketing Strategies


  • Facebook is NOT cannabis friendly

  • If you try to create ads, they will "red flag" your business

  • You run the risk of your Ad account being shut down

  • You CAN create posts, stories, videos


  • Also NOT Cannabis friendly

  • Your ARE allowed to sell CBD but your labels CANNOT say "CBD" anywhere

  • Your labels and descriptions should read "Hemp Extract"

Top Ways To Market Your CBD Brand

Word Of Mouth

  • An endorsement from a single person can bring lots of attention/ sales

  • People believe follow what they see. If one person they trust gives the "OK", then other people are willing to try

  • If your product works, then word can spread

  • Start an informational blog or vlog
  • YouTube, Facebook Live, IG stories are great ways to market your business
  • Have links to your brand and website in your content
Trade Shows And Vendor Expos
  • Choose expos that fit your target market
  • Allows for face to face interaction
Influencer Marketing
  • Leverage other people's large following to boost your brand for a cheap price
  • Focus on "micro Influencers"
Emails Marketing
  • The easiest way to may a quick $1000+ in one day
  • Send out email blast to your audience about sales and information



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