Module 3: Top 3 CBD Businesses You Can Start NOW

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to start your own brand? What about your own brand in a billion dollar industry with no clear market leader at the moment? This is the chance of a lifetime to get in early and establish yourself as the brand of choice for CBD products.


You will be doing the same thing as people like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner ..finding a distributor and putting YOUR BRAND on the label.


You may be wondering...

  • What's the cost of owning your own brand?
  • Who do I buy product from?
  • Do I need a license?


Well read further for the answers...


Affiliate Marketing

The Free Business Model

  • All you need is a URL
  • Your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Or Your Website
  • Promote reputable CBD companies for a commission
  • Sometimes up to 40%!!
  • Easy Sale
  • It's easy to sell products that help people
  • Cookie System
  • 60 and 90 day cookies
  • Keep earning money from the same person over and over with little to no advertising

Reputable CBD Affiliate Programs


Wholesale CBD


The Inexpensive Business Model

  • Fast start for as little as $250
  • Buy at 50%-60% of retail pricing.
  • Sell at whatever price you want
  • Sell as many brands you want
  • Mix CBD with your current products and services
  • Sell in your shops, restaurants, farmer's market, trade shows


Private Label CBD

Why You Should Own Your Own CBD Brand?

  • It's relatively inexpensive to little as $2500
  • You can play ball with the bigger brands...and win
  • You're in control
  • Gain recognition
  • You're known as the expert
  • Change people's lives
  • No licenses required

Click here to learn more about Holmes Organics Private Label Partnership.



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Thanks for sharing this valuable information. The Affiliate program is the avenue that I am considering. I am currently glowing my latest blog and am wondering if I could just have the affiliate link available like an add for the people that hit my blog. I will first just complete the entire course and then go from there. Kudos to you and much-continued success!

CARLA D LASKEY October 21, 2020

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