Give The Gift Of CBD This Mother’s Day

Who do you know that is busier than mom? She manages the house, the entire family’s schedule, and her career. This often leaves mom stressed to the max and with “me time” a dream. Here are a few gift ideas that will help mom relax including the gift of CBD for Mother’s Day.

CBD Bath Bomb

A soak in a warm bath will help to alleviate tension and stress but adding one of our luxurious Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey Bath Bombs will take things to the next level. The oatmeal and milk will gently exfoliate her skin and the honey will nourish and hydrate. While oatmeal, milk, and honey are all used to treat external inflammation, the non-psychoactive CBD in our bath bombs take things to the next level—by activating mom’s natural pain and stress relieving receptors. Don’t just give her the bath bomb though, make sure you lighten her load enough that she has time to take a bath.

A Day At The Spa

Mom deserves to be pampered so schedule a day for her to get her favorite spa treatments. Be sure to include a relaxing massage and call ahead to see if the massage therapist is comfortable using CBD oil to soothe mom’s tense and troubled areas. Remember that we are a THC-free product that is legal in all 50 states, so there is no concern of mom or her massage therapist getting high.

CBD Oil Tincture

If mom is already a fan of hemp-based CBD give her the gift of Holmes Organics Oil Tincture. The uses for our tincture are endless. Mom can take it daily or as needed to take stress and anxiety down a notch, experiment with CBD infused food and drinks, apply it topically for joint and muscle pain, or use it as a homemade beauty treatment.

Luxurious Lotions

You can never go wrong in buying mom a gift she wouldn’t typically splurge on for herself, including luxurious bath and body products. If mom suffers from back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, or any type of chronic joint or muscle pain—add a CBD lotion to her gift list. Our lotion is easier to apply topically than our oil tincture, providing mom with targeted pain relief.

Breakfast In Bed

The standard of flowers, chocolate, jewelry and breakfast in bed are always something mom will enjoy. This year make her breakfast in bed extra-special with a CBD infused meal. You can blend our tincture into a smoothie, make an infused morning mimosa, or whip it into her eggs or pancake mix for a meal that will set the mood for the day. Just be mindful of the serving size and make sure mom knows you’re adding it in to give her a relaxing Mother’s Day.

Also, consider a gift basket with a mix of Holmes Organics CBD products so that she can see which products work best for her. Happy Mother’s Day!

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