CBD For Athletes—What You Need To Know

Marijuana has long been illegal for collegiate and professional athletes, but in 2017 the World and U.S. Doping Agency approved CBD for competitive athletes. While many schools and professional organizations have yet to change their rules or are non-committal on their stance with CBD—athletes from almost every professional organization are stepping out and singing the praises of CBD. There are many misconceptions about CBD, so here is what you need to know before you write it off as a reason to get high.

CBD Does Not Get You High

Most parents and athletes find themselves considering CBD products as an alternative to highly addictive, yet legal, opioid prescriptions. But do you really want your kids to get high? First things first, there is no high with CBD. CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis. It is an oil extract that is processed without the THC, which is what makes you high. Hemp-derived CBD products, such as Holmes Organics, are legal in all 50 states.

A Natural Way To Alleviate Pain

Athletes train hard and work from a mindset of pushing through the pain. While ice, ibuprofen, and sports medicine are a regular part of most collegiate and professional athlete’s training regimen, sometimes it’s not enough to adequately manage pain. This leaves many turning to prescription opioids that block pain receptors but don’t address inflammation. Opioids can become addictive in as little as 2 weeks, which can be problematic for athletes who tend to have chronic pain. CBD works on a cellular level to reduce inflammation delivering rapid results. CBD is also non-addictive meaning it can be taken as-needed for pain and recovery.

A Proactive Recovery

Between training and competition or game day, inflammation is a daily reality for athletes. While many take one day off a week to recover, that is not enough time for the body to fully heal and repair. However, CBD can accelerate the recovery process. As professional organizations soften their stance on CBD many athletes are speaking out about utilizing CBD as a proactive approach to recovery, inflammation, and injury. For example, UFC fighters Nate Diaz and Yair Rodriguez both utilize CBD to recover after fights and between intense training sessions.

CBD For Retired Athletes

There is a long and growing list of retired athletes, especially football players, who find relief for their sports injuries by using CBD products. In fact, this is precisely how Holmes Organics began! Founder Cory Holmes is a retired football player who struggles with lifelong injuries. He gave CBD a try but was disappointed in the lack of quality and consistency. By creating his own organic product line he does more than just meet the CBD requirements, but delivers a quality product whose COIA and CQA made available to the public. The Certificates of Quality Assurance (CQA) provides the ingredients, the date of manufacture and attributes (like consistency and color). The Certificates of Internal Analysis (COIA) provides the potencies, terpenes, pesticides, and solvents.

Leagues Are Starting To Catch On

As of 2018 the BIG3 is the only professional league to officially legalize the use of CBD oil, with the NHL and Major League Baseball remaining lenient; but not legalized. The Olympics also allows the use of CBD. While some leagues are starting to catch on, last year the NCAA banned a football player who utilized CBD for seizures. Why so few? It’s a combination of a lack of education and the confusion of the psychoactive THC being the same as CBD. As more current and former athletes speak out regarding the benefits the hope is that leagues and schools will start to follow suit. If what is in the best interest of athletes is the priority, CBD as an alternative to the high-risk factors of opioids, then CBD must be taken seriously.

How Do You Use CBD?

Unlike marijuana, no smoking is required. There are some CBD products that can be vaped, but our products provide convenience. For targeted topical pain we offer a CBD salve that you can use as-needed or during a massage. For widespread inflammation and recovery we have soft gels or an oil tincture.

If you are ready to learn more about the benefits of CBD for athletes we invite you to reach out to Holmes Organics today with any questions!

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