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How CBD Can Help You Manage Holiday Stress

You are not alone if your feelings regarding the holiday season are mixed. It’s a time of year we come together with friends and family, some of whom we may only see in the next month or so. As much as we cherish the memories, house guests, hosting meals, holiday shopping, and navigating complex personalities can be stressful. Here are just a few ways CBD can help take the edge off holiday stress.

Travel In Comfort

If you have arthritis, chronic joint pain, back pain, or get stiff and sore during road trips or long car rides—CBD can help. As a natural anti-inflammatory you can take a softgel before and during your travels to reduce internal inflammation, or use a topical cream or salve for targeted pain relief. There are no legal restrictions to worry about when traveling in the United States as hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states. If you will be traveling internationally it is essential to ensure CBD is legal in the country you will be visiting. If legal where you travel, CBD can help you rest and recharge once you arrive, minimizing the impact of jet lag. 

Sleep With Ease

If holiday stress keeps you up at night now is the perfect time to start taking a bedtime supplement to calm your central nervous system. There is nothing like sleeping in the peace and comfort of your own bed so bring CBD with as a sleep aid. CBD can help to minimize the pain and stiffness of sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, as well as ease the general anxiety of sleeping in an unfamiliar environment. Bring a pair of earplugs with too as the sounds of the home, hotel, or Airbnb you are staying in can keep you up at night.

Take Stress Down A Notch

Is the holiday season your most stressful time of year? Even if once all is said and done you feel joyful, the preparation and anticipation of family dynamics can cause a great deal of stress. Between estranged or feuding family members, in-laws, houseguests who disrupt your daily routine, and getting everything done on time—the stress may outweigh the joy. This makes now the perfect time to introduce CBD to your daily routine. Your CBD products will help to balance your mood-impacting hormones, ease anxiety, improve the quality of your sleep, and keep your body balanced from the inside out. Keep enough on hand to offer CBD to guests who are feeling the stress so guests can self-soothe as needed. Just make sure all CBD options are clearly communicated.

Here’s to a holiday season with more joy than stress!

*CBD is NOT replacement for seeking out medical care? Holmes Organics and our partners are not medical professionals. Please seek a medical professional for any medical advice.

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