CBD For Your Pets

CBD For Your Pets

As a pet parent you want to support your pet’s health in every way you can. Pets struggle with many of the same health conditions that their humans do, which may have you looking for a safe and natural way to help them heal.

How To Choose CBD For Your Pets

Your cats and dogs are smaller, so dosage varies greatly from that of humans. It is best to use products specifically designed for pets, or to administer oil and balms as directed by your veterinarian. In addition to understanding dosage the quality of your CBD must be a priority. Not all products are organic, pure, or provide the Quality Assurance that comes with all Holmes Organics products.

Currently, cats, dogs and horses are the most common pets animal owners are testing CBD products with. Unlike humans your pet can’t just pop an over-the-counter pain reliever when they aren’t feeling well, but you can ease their pain, stress and anxiety with quality CBD products!

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