CBD Isn't Working

The Top 3 Reasons CBD Isn’t Working For You

You’ve read the articles and statistics and have a friend or two who sings the praises of hemp-based CBD. So, you eagerly decide to give it a try—only to be disappointed that it isn’t delivering results. But don’t give up quite yet! Here are the top 3 reasons CBD isn’t working for you.

Reason #1 Quality

Hemp-based CBD is a new and currently unregulated industry, with the only regulation being that CBD must be .3 percent or less of the psychotropic compound THC. This ensures that there is zero risk of you getting high. What is not regulated is the quality or purity of the CBD. This means that you might be taking a low-grade or watered down product or supplement. Holmes Organics products are organic, pure, and we are fully transparent about processing—which can be found online in the Learn section under the Lab Results dropdown. By making the switch to a quality product you may begin to see results.

Reason #2 Product Choice

Next up, you might want to try a few different products to address your individual needs. For example, a topical CBD Salve can help with targeted pain relief in a way that a supplement can’t address. However, topical CBD won’t address anxiety or whole body inflammation. This might mean that you have a few different products that you rotate between to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Reason #3 Everyone Responds Differently

It doesn’t matter what we are speaking of, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to anything, including your CBD treatment plan. If you have a quality product you may need to work with a naturopath or physician to determine the dosage that is best for you. For chronic conditions, consistency is key, so daily use is suggested. And although it is exceptionally rare, from a physiological standpoint, there are some people who CBD has little to no positive effect on. This might mean it works well in some areas but not others. For example, CBD hair care products might help to regrow or strengthen your hair—but supplements may not minimize your pain.

So, before you write off CBD as a natural solution to health and wellness verify the quality of your product and work with a healthcare expert to determine dosage and product selection.

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