Not Sleeping Well Since COVID-19?

Insomnia is on the rise since the pandemic began. Quality sleep is essential for immunity, cognitive function, energy, mood, and mental health. If you’re not sleeping well since COVID-19 try the tips below.

Identify Your Primary Stressors

When you can identify what it is that is keeping you up at night you can create a plan to control what you can control. This may not eliminate your stress, but it can help you minimize it.

  • If you are worried about contracting COVID, wear your mask, wash your hands, boost your immunity, and minimize your trips outside of the house.
  • If you are stressed about money, redo your budget, start looking for online side gigs, and explore your options in paused and adjusted bill payment options.
  • If you feel uncertain that you will remain employed update your resume, kick networking up a notch, and start your job search.
  • If you are going stir crazy explore your options in local social distance activities, Zoom more with friends, take an online course, and order more at-home activities.
  • If you feel the pressure of the collective stress explore how you can help non-profits from afar, or if you are comfortable, participate in hands-on volunteering.

Prioritize Wellness

Sleep may be the goal but taking a whole-body approach to wellness is essential. Keep sugar, processed foods, and alcohol to a minimum. Only watch and read the news up to 2 hours a day, and never before bedtime. Stay connected with friends and family who are positive and who lift you up. Minimize time with those who drag you down. Explore your options in remote talk therapy. Make time for self-care, especially before you head to bed. This might include unplugging 1 hour before bedtime, taking a CBD gummy, meditating, or listening to ASMR.

Create A New Sleep Routine

Pre-pandemic you likely had more of a daily routine, including the approximate time you went to bed and what time you woke up. If you have yet to return to an adjusted schedule, it’s time to create one. Your new schedule will provide more structure in your day, and it can drastically improve your sleep. Going to bed and waking up within the same 30 minutes or each day helps your body create a sleep rhythm. This will help you to naturally wind down and make it easier to wake each day.

Here’s to getting the sleep you need to thrive!

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