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We know how much our customers rely on our powerful CBD. Holmes Organics is fully committed to providing high-quality products each and every time.

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Experience Emotional Homeostasis.

Minimize the ups and downs of emotional upsets. Experience less stress. When you experience less stress, you feel better emotionally.

Natural Pain CBD Relief and anti-inflammatory

A Safer Alternative to Conventional Medicine.

CBD is easier and safer for the body to digest and use without producing the unhealthy side effects that conventional medicines can cause. The benefits of CBD are many, but when speaking of pain, it stimulates your body’s natural pain receptors creating an anti-inflammatory effect. Anytime you reduce inflammation, you reduce pain.

Customers reviews


I purchased the 25mg Softgels and have been taking them every morning for the last week. I totally feel a difference. I swear I’m not just saying that. Mood, energy, focus, all that is UP.”

– Ashlee, Saint Louis Missouri


..Adding a drop of Holmes Organics keeps me balanced. No matter how much caffeine or how many stressful events happen in a day, the health benefits of this oil keeps me balanced”

– Chloe, Atlanta Georgia


My Staffordshire terrier has been dealing with arthritis in her back-right knee for a little over 2 yrs. Holmes Organics in just a month has done more for my baby than any prescribed medicine.I not only got my dog back but my best friend as well! One happy repeat customer you’ll have for life.” 

– Stacy, Saint Louis, MO