Cory Holmes, Founder

Cory Holmes - Holmes Organics Founder

Let me tell you a quick story about me and why I started Holmes Organics...

I, Cory Holmes suffered from stress and anxiety due to various incidents that has happened in my life. I grew up in poor neighborhoods where I heard gunshots outside of my window in which I'd would grab my little brother and duck for cover. Yeah, not fun at all. Especially when trying to beat a hard level on a video game 🙂.

Back in 2017, I was the the target of a random shooting while driving on highway I-70 through St. Louis, Missouri which didn’t affect me until about a year after the incident. Now I'm on edge every time I drive on a highway... especially in St. Louis.

When I found myself constantly reliving those moments in my head, I made the decision to research natural remedies for coping with stress and anxiety. During my search I learned about the many benefits of CBD and tried a couple of brands.

I soon realized that the CBD industry is highly unregulated and full of poorly produced products. After trying several CBD brands on the market and only finding relief from one, I realized that there was a huge need for more premium quality CBD products.

Holmes Organics was born after that. You see the photo below?

Holmes Organics Family Photo

Here's a picture of the Holmes Family. That's it, only 3 of us. My Mom (Tracy) and brother (Jason) are my daily motivation and have been since...well...FOREVER. So it was only right that I name the brand "Holmes" Organics.

My mission is to help other people cope with stressors of everyday life and find relief for aching joints and muscles through CBD products made with organic ingredients.

I also wanted to provide premium quality 3rd Party Lab Tested CBD products at a price people can afford.

The CBD Startup Academy was created to provide education on how to build a CBD business. Although there are a few, we definitely need more Black-Owned CBD companies in America.

In closing, I believe Holmes Organics products will help provide the relief you may need. So give Holmes a try. 🙂




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