Is It Really CBD? How To Purchase CBD Oil

One of the challenges with hemp-derived CBD being legalized with the 2018 Farm Bill is the quality of the products being sold. Many products are marketing themselves as CBD when they contain zero cannabis. You can also find many products that contain CBD but are watered down. Here are a few tips on how to purchase CBD oil.


If you type “CBD” into Amazon’s search feature thousands of products will populate, none of which are hemp-based CBD. Amazon’s current policies prohibit the sales of cannabis so what populates are actually hemp seed oil products—which has always been legal. It is an oil pressed from the hemp seed, while the CBD you are looking for is processed from the low-THC (0.3% or less) cannabis plant. Hemp seed oil can be used for cooking as a substitute for your current cooking oil. It is rich in essential fatty acids, but it does not deliver the health benefits that you are looking for from a true CBD. Unfortunately, many hemp seed oil products market themselves as delivering the same benefits as CBD. This may be why the product you are currently using is not working. Read the label in search of the words CBD, not just hemp.


Once you determine a brand is indeed CBD it’s time to do a bit of research in regards to how they process their cannabis. Like any other farmed crop, you deserve the best. Ideally you want an organic product that doesn’t use pesticides and doesn’t add any synthetic ingredients during processing. A reputable CBD brand such as Holmes Organics is fully transparent posting the lab results for every batch online—and we want our purity levels to be known. While there will be additives in the product the CBD oil is added to, you need to first determine that the oil itself is pure.


If you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal but you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the high, heading to a pot shop is not where you want to purchase your CBD. Pot shops will have a variety of lower THC products but what you are looking for are products that are 0.3% or less THC—which few pot shops sell. You may be able to find the hemp-derived CBD you are looking for in the offices of alternative medicine practitioners, but for a diverse range of quality products head online to find your CBD. This will empower you to find everything from supplements to oil tinctures, topical treatments, skincare and beauty treatments, pet treats, and more. You may find that a combination of products works best for you. For maximum versatility, you can purchase CBD oil and add it to your food, lotion, and beauty products as you wish.

Whether you are new to the world of hemp-derived CBD or are looking to upgrade the quality of your CBD options—we invite you to browse the selections at Holmes Organics!

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