3 Ways To Add CBD Oil To Your Summer Skincare Routine


Summer is in full swing, so if you haven’t yet, it’s time to transition to a summer skincare routine. Here are 3 ways CBD oil can help.

Carry Your Sunscreen With You

Even if it’s grey, cloudy, and cold UV rays are always out when the sun is up. This means that we must wear sunscreen year-round, but during the summer we need to kick things up a notch. Many of your current products already have a bit of SPF protection, such as your foundation or body lotion. In the summer, you must also carry SPF protection with you to reapply every 4 hours. Yes, even if you have darker skin with melanin—you need sunscreen too!

We like Black Girl Sunscreen for your face because it offers broad-spectrum SPF 30, but it’s ultra-sheer and doesn’t streak like most sunscreens. It is also vegan, cruelty-free, reef-safe, and infused with natural ingredients such as jojoba and avocado. After you shower at the end of a long and fun summer day, consider adding a few drops of CBD oil to your body lotion to enjoy the soothing benefits for your skin and body.

Summer Face Masks

If you live in a hot or humid climate you will want to transition to a lighter daytime facial moisturizer, layered under your sunscreen. Even though it is not too cold or dry, you still want to deep cleanse and deep moisturize your face at least once per week. Clay masks are a popular choice for deep cleansing. Consider adding a few drops of CBD oil to your favorite mask to increase the organic properties. If masks tend to dry out your skin, the CBD may also help to preserve moisture while cleansing or use it to deep moisturize as mentioned below.

DIY CBD Moisturizer

There is a growing number of skincare and beauty products with CBD mixed in, but you may not want to give up the products you know and love. Not to worry as you can still enjoy the anti-aging benefits of CBD without changing a thing!

All you have to do is find a premium quality oil tincture and mix it into your current products. For smaller areas like your face, a drop or two is all you need. Yes, you can apply CBD oil directly to your skin, but mixing it in is one less layer to apply. Premix your CBD it into the entire bottle or jar or mix it daily in your hands first.

Here’s to having a safe, healthy, and beautiful summer!


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