Best Vegan CBD Recipes

Veganism is all about a return to nature, so you may be looking for ways to add hemp-derived CBD to more of your recipes. These vegan CBD recipes are an excellent place to begin.

CBD Vegan Breakfast Smoothie

This smoothie has everything you need to start your day off right! It’s green but sweet and has ample protein. Also, consider it as a recovery smoothie, lunch, or when you want a dessert alternative. Make it your own by swapping out different ingredients. View the recipe here.

Vegan Dips And Salad Dressings

Get creative and use these flavorful salad dressings and dips to marinate vegetables, vegan meats, drizzle on bread and grains, or spice up anything that needs a little punch of flavor. While these recipes don’t have CBD in them, you can add one or more droppers full to each recipe. If adding more than one dropper to thick or creamy dressings or dips, minimize the oil or liquids by a tablespoon or two. View the recipes here.

Hearty Quinoa, Kale, And CBD Soup

This soup can be your main course, maybe paired with a salad and served with warm bread. Feel free to top with avocado and fresh herbs. The recipe doesn’t call for CBD, but add it in during the simmer stage of Step 4. Make the recipe your own by experimenting with different types of squash or adding in another vegetable or two. View the recipe here.

Grillable CBD Vegan Burger

The problem with most vegan burgers is that they fall apart because they don’t have eggs to help bind them together. With this recipe you have a dense, grillable, and filling burger. For the CBD, whisk it into the BBQ sauce—which you can buy, or you can make your own. Top any way you like and follow the instructions to also make it gluten-free.

CBD Rice Crispy Treats

We can’t have vegan recipes without at least one sweet treat. This recipe isn’t made with marshmallows, so it’s vegan. And it’s made with brown rice crisps so it’s a bit healthier than the traditional rice crispy. Make for a treat at home but these are a crowd pleaser so you can take them to a CBD-friendly potluck, BBQ, or party. View the recipe here.

Just like your favorite vegan foods, ensure your CBD is pure and organic!

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