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Treat yourself to healing and muscle comfort that goes beyond the surface with our superior CBD Creams and topicals. Whether you're looking for everyday support or a specific, targeted remedy, we provide an array of holistic products tailored to your needs!

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CBD Topical FAQ's

What Is CBD Cream?
Every brand has its own formula, but Holmes Organics Cool Menthol Sports Cream contains a unique blend of natural essentials that create a synergistic effect with our premium CBD. Enjoy the benefits of CBD cream and menthol in one product, helping to support healthy skin, joints, and muscles. The menthol provides a natural cooling effect, that delivers the similar benefits of ice—without having to ice. The cool feeling is almost instant. A little bit goes a long way.
We’ll get into this in a bit more detail in the questions below, but although “sports cream” is in the name, there’s no need to be an athlete to use our cream. Many of our customers use topicals to soothe and calm their sore, tired, and overused muscles.

Why Choose CBD Cream Over A Tincture?
An oil tincture can be used as cooking oil, added to foods and drinks, applied directly under your tongue, mixed into skincare and beauty products, and applied topically. However, being made from CBD-infused olive oil—they are not always the most convenient option to use topically as it’s oily. Mixed into a cream, it absorbs quickly, and you can easily apply it when and where you want to. Many of our customers utilize both oil and topicals to personalize their wellness routine.

Can You Use An Oil Tincture Topically?
Yes, you can apply your oil tincture topically. Ultimately this is a matter of preference, but if you are applying it to an area under your clothing it may stain. If you need to apply it to hands that are tired from typing the oil may get on your keyboard, mouse, or screen. With a cream, you must only wait a few minutes for it to absorb into your skin. And with the added menthol you will feel a cool tingle almost immediately!

Can I Make My Own CBD Topical?
Yes! A CBD oil tincture is your most versatile option. You can mix or shake it into any of your skincare and beauty products. So, if you have a favorite body or hand lotion, feel free to add your tincture in. However, there are a few drawbacks to mixing it into a full bottle or jar:

1. If your lotion bottle or jar is clear the exposure to light may degrade the CBD.
2. You can add a few drops into each application of lotion to avoid light exposure in clear containers, but this is time-consuming.
3. Ensuring a consistent potency of CBD can be tricky if it’s not well mixed.
4. When not labeled as a CBD product you may forget that your lotion contains cannabis, which is of particular concern when traveling—which we discuss more below.
5. When using topically, a pre-mixed cream is simply easier to apply.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Cream?
Holmes Organics is always eager to hear how our customers use our products as part of their ongoing or as-needed wellness routine. The bullet point benefits of CBD cream stated below are the most common uses we hear from our customers. However, this is for informational purposes only asCBD companies are not allowed to provide medical advice. If you are considering CBD for any of the symptoms or conditions below—speak with a physician for guidance.
Chronic pain and inflammation

Acute pain and inflammation

Workout recovery


Sore muscles from physical fitness

Sore muscles from work or sitting

Repetitive use recovery—most often from sports and electronic useAnd more!

Who Uses CBD Cream?
Our customers come from all demographics of age, gender, ethnicity, culture, custom, religion, socioeconomic status, levels of athleticism, hobbies, interests, and walks of life. This includes athletes, professionals, parents, and students.
Just be mindful that while cannabis has been legal since the Farm Bill of 2018, the laws can be tricky. Before you begin using CBD or a legal THC product, check to see if it’s prohibited by your employers, school, or sports team. While extremely low in THC, there is no guarantee that it won’t show up on a drug test.

Why Choose CBD Over Your Current Topical?
Just as we must be mindful of the chemicals we consume, we must also be mindful of the chemicals we apply topically. Studies show that between our hair products, deodorant, face and body lotion, makeup, lip care products, and more the average person applies 168 chemicals to their body each day This is an average, as many women apply closer to 200 topical chemicals per day.
Many of our customers make the switch to cannabis topicals as a return to nature. Also, as an alternative if their current topical is not delivering their desired results.

How To Use CBD Cream?
Application couldn’t be easier! You simply dispense the amount you want and apply it to a targeted area. It’s essential to remember that while it’s a lotion, it is not designed to be applied from head-to-toe as you may do with other body lotions. Also, if you are applying it to the more sensitive skin on your face—use an oil tincture instead. You can apply oil to your face directly or mix it into your face cream avoiding the eye area.
As far as how often to apply, consult with your physician for suggested use.

How To Choose A CBD Cream?
You aren’t alone if you have tried a cannabis topical or oil and haven’t experienced the benefits of CBD. Begin by discussing the frequency of use with your physician, but also consider the quality of the cream you have purchased. With so many local and online brands to choose from the options can be overwhelming. Consider factors such as:

Full Transparency—everything you need to know about the product you are purchasing should be included on the label or easy to find on their website. If you reach out to a company directly, their response must be crystal clear. This includes whether they use CO2 or ethanol extraction; our products use CO2.

US-Grown—We suggest US-grown organic cannabis to ensure premium quality and no unnecessary pesticides. Holmes Organics CBD is made from US-grown hemp flowers.

Pure—the label should be clear and easy to read, and you should know precisely what every ingredient is.

Quality Control—a reputable brand will perform third-party lab testing on their cannabis and provide you with access to their lab results either on their website or by request.

Clear Potency—to apply topically or take orally as suggested by your physician you must select a product that clearly states the milligrams per bottle and per serving.

Consumer Reviews—positive press and consumer reviews regarding the benefits of CBD cream or oil are essential. A few bad reviews are standard, but the overwhelming majority of reviews should be aligned with your wellness objectives.

Can You Travel With CBD Cream?
Although legal in all 50 states and in many countries, the laws regarding traveling with cannabis products continue to have a lot of grey area. Traveling with CBD products across state lines can be tricky and traveling by plane is not suggested. Even if you are traveling to a state or country where either or both CBD and marijuana are legal, customs may have restrictions. It’s always better safe than sorry so leave your CBD at home, have it shipped to your out-of-state location, or purchase it when you arrive at your destination—leaving it behind on your return drive or flight. Find out more on traveling with CBD.