10mm Male GRAV Angled Quartz Banger - 45

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Enhance your mini rig setup with the 10mm Male GRAV Angled Quartz Banger - 45! Designed from the ground up to work with rigs with a 45-degree downstem, this banger is the perfect tool for concentrate lovers. It's placed at a 45° angle, giving you the perfect spot to heat your beloved extracts. But that's just the start - with its advanced design, GRAV ensures that this 10mm banger offers superior performance. Every surface, every angle, every detail has been carefully crafted for reliable and even heat distribution. When you're using it, you can count on a flawless and smooth process every time. This banger is also great for anyone on a budget. While it's affordable, don't let the price tag fool you - this banger is built to last and offers a high-quality, luxury tasting experience. Enjoy your favorite concentrates like never before, noticing every subtle nuance and flavor. In summary, the 10mm Male GRAV Angled Quartz Banger - 45 is a must-have accessory for any cannabis enthusiast. Its stellar performance and affordable pricing make it a winning choice for your mini rig needs. Grab yours today and uplevel your concentrate enjoyment!
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