10PC BAG - Solid Glass Ball Carb Cap w/ Carb Hole - 24mm

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Experience the optimal functionality with our 10PC BAG - Solid Glass Ball Carb Cap w/ Carb Hole - 24mm. Expertly crafted from durable glass, this carp cap boasts a distinct spherical shape and 24mm width, ensuring it's the perfect fit for most thermal bangers and flat tops. Its straight airflow path and directional airflow capability significantly enhance your usage experience, enabling you to effectively control the direction and amount of air you draw. Each cap is created with precision and longevity in mind, delivering an unbeatable combination of aesthetic appeal and high-level performance. Please note that the quartz banger is sold separately and that this product is specifically designed for legal herbal use, and not intended for tobacco. Exploring elevated experiences has never been this simple with our top-quality Solid Glass Ball Carb Cap.
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