12 PC DISPLAY - Formula 420 Original Cleaner - 2oz Mini

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Introducing our 12 PC DISPLAY - Formula 420 Original Cleaner in 2oz Mini bottles, perfect for maintaining the cleanliness of your smoking accessories. This all-encompassing cleaning agent works effectively on Pyrex, glass, metal, or ceramic materials with absolute precision. This set conveniently includes 12 pieces, allowing you to have a handy supply of the best cleaner for your smoking accoutrements. Each bottle contains 2 ounces of cleaner that will quickly remove grime in just 1 minute, making the cleaning process much faster and more efficient. As well as its speed and effectiveness, this cleaner offers ease of use, ensuring the highest level of convenience every time you clean your items. The Formula 420 Original Cleaner guarantees comprehensive care for your smoking accessories, ensuring you can enjoy their use for longer. This easy-to-use cleaner is perfect for regular maintenance as it ensures spotless, shiny, and smoke-free products in no time!
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