14mm Male GRAV Seamless Quartz Banger

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Introducing our 14mm Male GRAV Seamless Quartz Banger, exclusively created to enhance your vaping experience. This superior quality banger is constructed from 100% pure quartz, making it an ideal choice for those seeking durability and high performance. Our banger is not just any other standard piece; it boasts a 25mm bucket that's 3 times thicker - a unique feature that assists in retaining heat for considerably longer periods. With this characteristic, you can enjoy your vaping sessions without the constant need of reheating. Plus, the even heat retention it provides is due to the seamless design we've incorporated. Elegance is not compromised either! The fully worked connection between the bucket and the neck grants your banger a sleek and smooth look while enhancing its overall strength. Designed with our consumers’ comfort and convenience in mind, this flat-top banger is compatible with both directional and traditional carb caps. Choose our 14mm Male GRAV Seamless Quartz Banger for a durable, high-performing and stylish addition to your vape collection.
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