24 BUNDLE DISPLAY - 12"" Fujima Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaner Bundle - 30pc per Bundle

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Keeping your smoking pipes crystal clear won't be a hassle anymore with our 24 Bundle Display - 12" Fujima Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaner Bundle. Each pack comes with a generous 30 pipe cleaners, ensuring you have enough to keep your tubes spick and span. With a 24-piece display, you'll have an adequate supply ready for every cleaning session. These hard bristle 12-inch pipe cleaners are designed for efficient cleaning and will easily reach those hard-to-clean areas within your pipes. They are perfect for keeping your tubes in top condition and maintaining the quality of each smoke. Their sturdy and hard bristles offer a thorough and deep clean, leaving your pipes as if new. Get our Fujima Pipe Cleaner Bundle and experience an effortless pipe maintenance routine.
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