5 PACK - Pulsar ROK Quartz Coil - Version 2

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Say hello to the all-new Quartz RöK Coil 2.0! This upgraded coil isn't just new - it's improved in every single way, making your dabbing time the best it's ever been. Part of the Pulsar RöK family, this quartz coil is expertly designed to get you that perfect temperature for dabbing. What's better? This 5 PACK of Pulsar ROK Quartz Coils is all set to take your dabbing game to another level. Here's what makes them fantastic: They're designed to produce bigger, puffier clouds, thanks to increased surface area coverage. Plus, they're easy to clean too! Quartz construction ensures these coils go the distance, all while maintaining quality. The twist? These revolutionary coils are made sweat-free with coil-less technology. Essentially, your concentrates never touch the heating element, so you're left with a taste that's pure and unparalleled. Key improvements? Version 2 heats up faster and more evenly than the original Pulsar RöK Coil. Cleaning is a breeze too. Once the atomizer has cooled down, a quick wipe with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud is enough to get it all clean. Remember, these aren’t just any Quartz Coils - They are certified replacements for Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig, and are specially designed for use with concentrates. So why wait? Upgrade to the 5 PACK - Pulsar ROK Quartz Coil - Version 2 and get ready to experience the best flavor, every single time!
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