5PC BUNDLE - Pulsar Quartz Dab Straw w/ Spin Pearl - 6""/Asst Colors

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Presenting the 5PC BUNDLE - Pulsar Quartz Dab Straw w/ Spin Pearl - 6"/Asst Colors for legal herbal use. This bundle interacts with five separate pieces to give you the ultimate herbal indulgence. Having a handy size of 6 inches, this dab straw is easy to use, clean, and maintain. Crafted from superior quartz material, it ensures a swift and smooth delivery of your favorite herbs. Endowed with a vortex twist diffuser, it allows you to enjoy potent and flavorful herbal hits every time. Plus, the spin pearl in this dab straw intensifies your experience by creating an irresistible vortex of your chosen herbal blends. What's more, this Pulsar dab straw comes in a variety of bead colors, allowing users to have a bit of personal flair with their piece. However, the specific bead colors vary, providing an element of surprise with each purchase. Remember, this bundle is meant for legal herbal use only and is not suitable for tobacco consumption. Indulge responsibly while experiencing the real essence of your favorite legal herbs with this premium 5-piece Pulsar Quartz Dab Straw with Spin Pearl.
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