9mm GRAV Clear Taster - Pack of 10

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Embrace simplicity with the 9mm GRAV Clear Taster - Pack of 10. Made for fans of minimalist design, this perfect one-hitter tool features sparkling clear glass for a clean, chic appeal. Each Taster presents a useful bowl on one end and a smooth mouthpiece at the other, offering a simple and efficient way to enjoy your hit. Packed with 10 Tasters, each adorned with the GRAV logo in assorted colors, ensuring each piece possesses its unique character. Whether you're seeking swift satisfaction from a quick hit or want to bring your buddies into the mix, these Tasters are your reliable companions. Get ready to find nine new best friends in this convenient, elegant pack. The 9mm GRAV Clear Taster keeps it clear, quick, and easy, just how you love it!
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