Antique Lamp Bullet Style Carb Cap / 30mm / Colors Vary

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Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with the Antique Lamp Bullet Style Carb Cap that boasts a distinct air control design. Featuring a 30mm diameter, this carb cap is specially designed to team up impeccably with any flat top banger with an outer diameter of 30mm or less. Get a close-up on its eye-catching bubble matrix design which comes alive with varying color play. Somedays, it's a cool, translucent green and on others, it transforms into an iridescent rainbow, making for a visual treat. This color-changing spectacle gives this carb cap the unique semblance of an antique oil lamp. This bullet style carb cap is not only about good looks; the practical design ensures it conveniently fits standard 25mm outer diameter banger buckets without a hitch. Experience flavorful and efficient vaporizing with the Antique Lamp Bullet Style Carb Cap, available in a range of colors that add a lively touch to your vaping setup. Your order is just a click away.
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