Apex Ancillary Iso Station / Designed to Make your Life Easier

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Introducing the half-sized version of our beloved Iso Station XL - the Apex Ancillary Iso Station! Changing the way you clean your tools, this innovative design by Apex Ancillary is more than just practical. It's about making your life easier. Our functional and compact Iso Station is designed to meet all your tool cleaning needs. Why have multiple washing stations when you can have it all in one sleek, compact design? We've combined all features into one station to deliver both convenience and efficiency. Key features of our Iso Station include: 1. The Podium: Say goodbye to worries about high temperatures. Our heat-resistant holder houses a closed-bottom design, perfect as an extra soaking station for pearls, inserts, and tools. 2. Easy Pump: Our stainless steel pump dispenser comes with a rubber gasket seal, ensuring zero waste. With each pump, you use exactly what you need. 3. Tool Slot: Designed with a closed bottom, the Tool Slot is the perfect size for holding and cleaning standard tools. With it, your tools have the own designated space for cleaning. 4. Swab Vessel: Experience the same functionality and high quality with our most compact Iso Station. Perfectly crafted for smaller spaces, it provides you the cleanliness you need, without taking up too much room. Take note, swabs, tools, and cleaning solutions are not included with the Iso Station. End the struggle of managing multiple washing stations. Choose the Apex Ancillary Iso Station - designed to make tool cleaning, and ultimately your life, a whole lot easier.
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