Apex Ancillary Magnetic Toolstand Starter Pack / Includes The Apex Ancillary Magnetic Toolstand & 6pc Pro Toolset

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Introducing the Apex Ancillary Magnetic Toolstand Starter Pack. This set includes the Apex Ancillary Magnetic Toolstand & 6pc Pro Toolset that will revolutionize your sessions. Imagine having all your tools within reach, well-organized, and ready for use. No more searching in drawers or toolboxes! The Stand by Apex Ancillary is more than just a tool holder. It's a modern, innovative, and effective solution to handle both magnetic and non-magnetic tools. With a sturdy magnetic surface for secure hold and easy release of tools, it promises convenience like you've never experienced before. What's more, its broad base ensures a non-slip grip on any surface. Crafted from rubber polished wood, The Stand by Apex Ancillary is built to last. Its minimalistic design features two handy notches for non-magnetic tools and raised lip edges to store other essential instruments. This additional space means all your tools are arranged and ready for action at any moment. The Apex Ancillary Pro Tool Set included in this pack consists of 6 tools. Whether you're carving, shaping, trimming or grabbing, these tools have got you covered! Made from durable and lightweight stainless steel, they're designed for high performance. You get 4 carving tools and 2 grabbing tools, all engineered to be heat-resistant and long-lasting. We know working with multiple materials and consistencies during your sessions requires versatility. That's why our toolset sets a high standard, with each tool carefully selected for varied uses. Apex Ancillary truly combines the best materials, price, and design to give you unbeatable quality. The set also includes a sturdy silicone mat for clean handling and a protective travel case for easy portability and storage. Apex Ancillary's products are more than tools; they're trusted companions for your sessions. Please note, the carving tools have pointed parts - remember to keep them away from children! The Apex Ancillary Magnetic Toolstand Starter Pack is here to enhance your session performance and organization. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it!
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