Apex Ancillary XL Bundle / Includes the iso Station XL, The Magnetic Stand, & 6pc Pro Toolset

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Meet the all-in-one solution for your session needs, the Apex Ancillary XL Bundle, combining the ISO Station XL, the Magnetic Stand, and a 6pc Pro Toolset. This set has everything to streamline your tool cleanup and organization needs. Forget about hopping between stations to clean your tools; the Apex Ancillary XL ISO Station is here to simplify things with its innovative design. This modern appliance combines all the benefits of an entire clean-up kit. It comes with a handy stainless steel pump dispenser for your cleaning solutions, ensuring no waste or evaporation and saving your time and money. To further simplify your use, there's a bonus mini funnel for easy pouring of cleansing solution. Keeping your tools handy and within reach, the Apex Ancillary Stand is a must-have addition you didn't know you needed. This versatile stand accommodates both magnetic and non-magnetic tools, offering an easy storage and retrieval solution for your sessions. Crafted from durable rubber-polished wood, it boasts a sturdy design that ensures your tools stay put thanks to a secure, no-slip grip. Adding further utility to the pack, the Apex Ancillary Pro Tool Set equips you with six versatile tools for your sessions. We've selected each tool in this set for its broad applications and ease of use during your sessions. Built to be lightweight and robust with stainless steel, the set includes four carving tools (The Shovel, Fan Favorite, Scimitar, and The Oar) and two grabbing tools (The Claw, The Grip). Whether you're working with different material consistencies or handling large materials, these tools can be your go-to. The Apex Ancillary looks beyond the current need, so to clean up after your session, they’ve added a handy silicone mat to their pro tool kit. Completing the Apex Ancillary XL Bundle is a functional and efficient ISO Station that integrates storage, solution dispenser, soaking station, and a tool holder in one neat, modern design. With Apex Ancillary's functional and minimalist designs, shaky hands in tool drawers will become a thing of the past. Your sessions will be more efficient and your tools will last longer, making the Apex Ancillary XL Bundle a worthwhile investment.
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