Bear Quartz Swabs Kit Reusable Cleaning Station / 6pc Set

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Enjoy a clean and easy dabbing experience with the Bear Quartz Swabs Kit Reusable Cleaning Station. This 6-piece set is thoughtfully designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring you can enjoy your dab tool's full potential for a longer time. The kit includes Bamboo swabs and Flexible swabs, with two-thirds of the total being the bamboo variant, known for its durability and excellent absorbency. The remaining third are the flexible swabs, which excel in reaching hard-to-clean areas. A key feature of this cleaning kit is the removable ISO tube, making the cleaning process even more straightforward and less messy. Furthermore, we understand that swabs can wear out over time, which is why we offer replacement Bamboo swabs and Flexible swabs. But there’s more! For an even better result, pair the kit with the Bear Quartz Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaner. Enjoy the sparkly cleanliness that your dab rig deserves without all the hard work. Experience efficient, convenient, and eco-friendly cleaning with the one and only Bear Quartz Swabs Kit Reusable Cleaning Station - your 6pc set for a dab rig that’s as good as new.
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