Bear Quartz Terp Pearls in Iso Jar - 12ct / 6mm / Assorted Colors

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Introducing our premium set of Bear Quartz Terp Pearls packed in a handy Iso Jar - a convenient pack of 12 pieces each measuring 6mm in size. These Terp pearls are a fantastic enhancement for your dabbing experience, improving the vaporization process and flavor quality. Prepared with high-quality quartz material, our Terp Pearls lie at the apex of durability and longevity. Your set will include various vibrant colors, making each dabbing session uniquely enjoyable. Plus, the included glass Iso Cleaning Jar offers added convenience, providing an easy and efficient way for you to clean your Terp pearls and maintain their optimal performance. Practical and stylish, this Bear Quartz Terp Pearls set is perfect for individuals looking to take their dabbing experience to a new level!
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