Bear Quartz x moodmats Dab Mat - Iced Bear / 8""

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Keep your glass pieces safe and stylish with our 8-inch (20.32cm) Bear Quartz x moodmats Dab Mat - Iced Bear. This exceptional dab mat is not just practical, but it's also a design statement. With an attractive Bear Quartz logo set in a unique geometric pattern, it stands out while maintaining a chic, modern aesthetic. The mat is specially coated with a screen-printed fabric top layer, providing a smooth, user-friendly surface. Below this, a shock-absorbent rubber layer guarantees the utmost protection for your glass pieces. It effectively absorbs and disperses any force, preventing damage and unsightly scratches on your valued glassware. In essence, this Bear Quartz x moodmats Dab Mat combines protective function with alluring design, making it an essential accessory for any cannabis connoisseurs. Ensure your precious glass pieces stay in pristine condition while adding a touch of sophistication to your collection.
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