Catacomb Glass Rig - 11"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary

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The Catacomb Glass Rig stands a tall 11 inches, perfect for those looking for a more prominent piece to add to their collection. Crafted from sturdy borosilicate glass, this dab rig guarantees long-lasting use and a superior smoking experience. A unique feature of the rig is its disc percolator, expertly designed to cool down your vapor for a smoother hit. The encased skulls design lends a striking aesthetic that's sure to capture attention and set your rig apart from the rest. This dab rig also comes with a 14mm male banger, perfect for use with any concentrates of your choice. The design and practicality of this rig cater to both novice and seasoned users alike. To top it all off, the Colors Vary option means you get a personalized touch with your rig, making each session uniquely yours. The Catacomb Glass Rig is not just a smoking apparatus, but a statement piece that combines functionality, durability, and artistic detail.
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