Claw's Caress Recycler Rig - 7"" / 14mm F

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Discover the Claw's Caress Recycler Rig - an expertly crafted 7 inches tall dab rig that brings a superior smoking experience to your fingertips. This stunning piece combines functionality and aesthetics with its recycler style design and intricate claw and marble embellishments. Featuring a Circ percolator, it provides smooth, flavorful hits by effectively filtering and cooling the smoke before inhalation. Ideal for dab enthusiasts, its borosilicate glass construction ensures resilience against high temperatures, making it a durable addition to your collection. The rig comes complete with a 14mm male quartz banger, delivering enhanced flavor and vapor production. The radiant Claw's Caress Recycler Rig not only caters to your smoking needs but also adds a unique touch to your smoking accessories collection with its bold design and decorative features.
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