Clear Glass Mini Beaker Dab Rig

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Power up your vaping experience with our Clear Glass Mini Beaker Dab Rig. Perfectly portable with its compact size of just 5 inches, this miniature dab rig is your trusty on-the-go companion. Expertly crafted from top-notch borosilicate glass, it offers superior durability alongside an elegant aesthetic. Its clear beaker style body easily showcases its internal functioning, adding to its remarkable design. Featuring a fused downstem, this mini beaker dab rig ensures a seamless smoking experience. Ready to use straight out of the box, you can take it with you anywhere with no fuss, making it the perfect choice for vapers valuing ease of use and mobility. Elevate your sessions even more as it includes a 14mm male quartz banger, boosting flavor intake with each use. Our Clear Glass Mini Beaker Dab Rig is not just a device; it's your new vaping tradition, simple to use, easy to transport, and ready to deliver powerful hits on demand.
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