Cloudy Swirl Ball Carb Cap - 27mm / Colors Vary

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Introducing the Cloudy Swirl Ball Carb Cap - a must-have accessory for your cannabis consumption experiences. This cap features an ample 27mm width which guarantees enhanced air flow for smoother and enjoyable sessions. Plus, the carb cap design sports a ball style, providing you with precise control and rhythm. Crafted from hard-wearing borosilicate glass, this carb cap is known for its incredible resistance to high temperatures, assuring long-lasting usage. But what truly sets this piece apart is the cloudy swirled worked glass design, adding a unique artistic touch to your collection. Please note, the colors of this carb cap may vary, so each piece is singularly unique, just like you! Remember, although it’s astonishingly beautiful, the Cloudy Swirl Ball Carb Cap is for legal herbal use only, and it's not suitable for tobacco. Upgrade your herbal indulgence sessions now with our beautifully designed, exquisite and functional Cloudy Swirl Ball Carb Cap.
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