Color Bottom Banger w/ Airflow Slits - Colors Vary

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Step up your smoking setup with our one-of-a-kind Color Bottom Banger w/ Airflow Slits - Colors Vary. This exceptional product showcases a sturdy, 90-degree quartz banger, ensuring durability and a lasting lifespan. Made with 100% quartz, you can enjoy increased heat resistance and outstanding flavor enhancement every time you use it. This banger is armed with advanced airflow slits, providing you with smoother, cooler, and more enjoyable hits. With a universal 14mm male joint size, it seamlessly fits most water pipes for easy and hassle-free connections. Featuring a unique and colorful bottom, this banger brings a vibrant touch to your smoking sessions. Note: Colors may vary, thus adding to the excitement of your unboxing experience. With the Color Bottom Banger w/ Airflow Slits, elevate your smoking journey with style, function, and a touch of color.
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