Confetti Bubble Dab Straw w/ Titanium Tip - 5"" / Colors Vary

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Discover the impressive Confetti Bubble Dab Straw w/ Titanium Tip - 5", a perfect addition to your collection. Measuring at a comfortable 5 inches in length and extending to 7.5 inches with the tip, this dab straw strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Fitted with a 10mm male tip, this innovative glass dab straw promises an optimal smoking experience. The distinct feature of this dab straw is the eye-catching Confetti Bubble design that adds a unique touch to its look. This decorative element is not just visually enchanting but it also offers a better grip, making it more user-friendly. Our Confetti Bubble Dab Straw w/ Titanium Tip also provides the flexibility of choice between quartz or titanium tips. Both of these materials are heat resistant and durable, offering longevity and reliability with every use. This dab straw comes equipped with a plastic joint clip, designed for your safety and convenience during use. It's also worth mentioning that the colors may vary, allowing you a touch of personalization with each product. Thus, the Confetti Bubble Dab Straw w/ Titanium Tip - 5" offers not only superior performance but also a perfect blend of style and uniqueness with its colorful design and varied features. It's an admirable accessor to any collection, promising an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.
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