Contrast Color Rope Twist Helix Carb Cap - 29mm/Colors Vary

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Introducing the stunning Contrast Color Rope Twist Helix Carb Cap with a 29mm diameter, where style meets functionality. Our Carb Cap is meticulously crafted from resilient borosilicate glass that not only adds to its durability but makes it a stylish addition to your collection. This carb cap boasts a unique helix style, setting it apart from conventional carb caps. The multi-directional airflow feature ensures an enhanced smoking experience by efficiently circulating the air. Its impressive design incorporates a color rope twist pattern which makes it a truly unique piece. This particular model features a flat top nipple design that makes it handy and easy to use. Moreover, the array of varying colors allows you to express your personal style. Whether you are looking for a visually appealing piece to add to your collection or a functional tool to improve your smoking experience, the Contrast Color Rope Twist Helix Carb Cap ticks all the boxes. Be prepared to immerse yourself in a top-notch smoking experience like never before.
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