Cookies X G Pen Roam - Portable E-Rig Vaporizer

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Introducing the Cookies X G Pen Roam – your ultimate Portable E-Rig Vaporizer expertly crafted in partnership with renowned Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur, Berner. This uniquely customized device redefines mobility with its comprehensive design, enabling on-the-go water-filtered concentrate vaporization. Enjoy smooth, flavorful draws within seconds, courtesy of the powerful 1,300mAh lithium-ion battery that heats the fully Quartz tank swiftly upon activation. The innovative Cookies X G Pen Roam caters to individual flavor and heat preferences. Its digital temperature control and LED display offer a wide range from 400° - 800°+F (204° - 427°+C). The intuitive haptic feedback feature signals the readiness of the device, ensuring your vaping experience is never disrupted or delayed. Thoughtfully designed for discreet portability, this versatile vaporizer snugly fits in your pocket. The device’s outer shell is crafted from light yet robust aluminum alloy, ensuring full protection for the Quartz tank and borosilicate glass hydrotube. For further convenience, the Roam incorporates passthrough technology enabling usage while charging. Maintenance of the Cookies X G Pen Roam is seamless with its efficient design. All components related to the vapor air path can be swiftly disassembled for easy cleaning, promoting longevity and pristine condition. Every portable E-Rig Vaporizer kit is accompanied by a durable hemp travel kit, complete with two concentrate jars and handy accessories pocket housing a micro USB to USB charging cable, loading tool, and cotton swabs. Experience the future of portable vaporizers with the Cookies X G Pen Roam, designed for the vibrant and fast-paced lifestyle of the urban vapor connoisseur.
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