Dab Rite PRO Digital IR Dab Thermometer - 2000mAh

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Introducing the Dab Rite PRO Digital IR Dab Thermometer - 2000mAh, packed with unique features to make your dabbing experience more enjoyable and convenient. Our latest thermometer comes crafted with a German-made IR sensor, ensuring the highest level of precision and accuracy every time you take a temperature reading. The device also features a LED guide light and a newly updated sensor for extra reliability. With its flexible temperature reading arm, you can easily adjust it to suit your needs. The arm has been lengthened to 10-inches in this PRO model, providing you with extra reach and flexibility. Powered by a robust 2000mAh battery, this digital dab thermometer ensures long usage time and is very reliable. One of the impressive new features is the full-color display screen, which provides clear temperature readings, making it easy to achieve the perfect dabbing temperature. Never miss an alert with our sound alert feature that informs you when your desired temperature is reached. The additional 'Sesh light' provides optimal lighting for your sessions, enhancing your overall dabbing experience. This device also comes with pre-settable profiles, allowing you to easily store your favorite temperature settings for quick and easy access. Plus, every Dab Rite PRO Digital IR Dab Thermometer - 2000mAh comes with a handy carrying case for secure storage and easy transport. In the world of cannabis consumption, it's all about precision and experience, and this device delivers on both fronts, making it a must-have accessory for any cannabis enthusiast. Enhance your dabbing experience with the Dab Rite PRO Digital IR Dab Thermometer - 2000mAh. It's time to dab right!
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