DabPadz Mat - 16""x10"" / Dabbin Donuts

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Introducing the DabPadz Mat, a 16" x 10" Dabbin Donuts designed protector for your dab rig. This shock-absorbent pad perfectly cradles your water pipe, reducing the risk of damage and maintaining its pristine condition over time. Outfitted with a Dabbin Donuts screen-printed top, it adds a cool, stylish touch to your herb-analyzing setup. Appreciate an extra layer of care for your rig, courtesy of the brand you know and trust, DabPadz. This mat is exclusively intended for legal herbal use, steering clear of any tobacco-related uses. Extend the longevity of your beloved rig with this indispensable DabPadz Mat. Welcome to a worry-free dabbing experience! Note: Size of mat is 16" x 10".
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