Dark Disco Dichro Helix Ball Carb Cap - 28mm / Colors Vary

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The Dark Disco Dichro Helix Ball Carb Cap is a uniquely crafted tool that could be the highlight of your cannabis accessories collection. With a 28mm diameter, this carb cap is a perfect fit for a variety of dab rigs, securing a tight seal to guarantee efficient vaporization of your essential oils. The Helix style carb cap, an elegantly spun design, directs airflow multilaterally. This multi-directional airflow ensures that no concentrate is spared, offering you a comprehensive and enriched experience. Constructed from premium borosilicate glass, the Dark Disco Dichro Helix Ball Carb Cap ensures durable heat resistance. You can trust it to withstand higher temperatures under constant use while maintaining its integrity. Adding a shining twist to its elegance is the dichro sparkle coloring. This type of coloring is unique in its shimmering display under light, creating a captivating spectacle similar to a miniature, handcrafted disco ball. With its distinct ball design, handling this carb cap becomes a breeze, giving you the advantage of easy and precise control. Lastly, shades may differ as we wish to offer uniquely numbered pieces each time, adding that personal touch to each Dark Disco Dichro Helix Ball Carb Cap. So while colors vary, it adds an element of sweet surprise to your purchase. In summary, the Dark Disco Dichro Helix Ball Carb Cap, with its remarkable Helix style, dazzling sparkle, and robust construction, is a potent addition to your cannabis experience. Its organic color variations and strategic design assure multi-directional airflow for a nonpareil dabbing experience.
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