Debowler Piece Keeper Silicone Dab Mat - 9.75""x8""

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Introducing our Debowler Piece Keeper Silicone Dab Mat - measuring a generous 9.75 inches by 8 inches. This mat isn't just your ordinary mat. It's specially crafted and built to withstand heavy use, thanks to its platinum-cured silicone composition. The mat is made to be delightfully impact and heat resistant making it perfect for those intense dab sessions. And when it's time to clean up from the fun, don't sweat it! This mat is super easy to clean - you can pop it straight into the dishwasher. Its design is ingeniously complete with a handy side area that's perfect for storing your tools and parts. Making your dabbing experience smoother and organized. Upgrade your experience with the Debowler Piece Keeper Silicone Dab Mat.
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