Diamond Glass Buoy Recycler Rig - 7"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary

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Experience the elegance and functionality of the Diamond Glass Buoy Recycler Rig. With its height of 7 inches, this oil rig is a robust piece that stands out in any collection. It accommodates a 14mm female joint, making it versatile and compatible with a variety of accessories. One of the notable features is its recycler design which delivers optimum flavor, elevated by the integrated showerhead percolator that ensures each draw is smooth and full of flavor. The element of extravagance is not forgotten with vivid, colorful accents that bring this piece to life. The rig includes a 14mm male banger, enhancing your vaping experience and ensuring you have everything you need to get started. Do note that this unique piece is available in an array of colors which vary, offering a vibrant palette to satisfy your aesthetic preferences. Emphasizing our commitment to safe and legal practices, this Diamond Glass Buoy Recycler Rig is intended for the enjoyment of legal herbal use only and not for tobacco consumption. Experience the perfect blend of style and performance with this exceptional Diamond glass piece, accentuating your collection with a fusion of color, quality, and top-notch functionality.
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