Diamond Glass Icon Ori Rig - 7"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary

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Presenting the dynamic Diamond Glass Icon Ori Rig, a perfect amalgamation of both aesthetics and functionality. Standing tall at 7 inches, this oil rig is brought to you by the esteemed Diamond Glass brand, renowned for its craftsmanship, innovation, and quality. Crafted with durable borosilicate glass, the Icon Ori Rig proves to be robust and resilient. The thick glass also ensures the preservation of flavors, offering you a truly unique vaping experience. Features such as the fixed diffuser downstem helps in cooling down the smoke, making each puff smoother and less harsh on the throat. The rig's round base provides additional stability, ensuring your sessions are disruption-free. And with its reclaim catcher, you'd be having an easy and hassle-free smoking experience. This piece comes in diverse accent colors, displaying the craft and creativity behind every Diamond Glass product. Designed and made within the USA, it includes a 14mm male quartz banger for added convenience. The quartz banger aids in quicker heating and more robust flavors, amplifying your overall experience. This product is specifically designed for legal herb usage and is not intended for tobacco. Experience the world of unmatchable quality and exceptional design with the Diamond Glass Icon Ori Rig. Your moments of relaxation are about to get a whole lot better. Add this rig to your collection and cherish the perks of superior smoking gear. Please note the colors may vary upon purchase. Embark on your new smoking journey today with the Diamond Glass Icon Ori Rig!
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