Dr. Dabber SWITCH Electric Dab Rig

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Experience the cutting-edge in cannabis tech with the Dr. Dabber SWITCH Electric Dab Rig. This state-of-the-art device offers a game-changing way of enjoying both oils and flowers. With its revolutionary induction heating system, the SWITCH Electric Dab Rig vaporizes your chosen product at the simple touch of a button.  Uniquely designed with a leak-proof seal protecting electronic components, your product remains securely within the heating chamber, highlighting the device's commitment to efficiency. Cater your vaping experience to your personal taste, courtesy of the SWITCH Electric Dab Rig's 25 unique heat settings - from bold, full-flavored profiles, dense vapor, to voluminous clouds, your experience can be as tailored as the unique characteristics of your oils or flowers.  One of the premier selling points of the Dr. Dabber SWITCH Electric Dab Rig is its potent 3000mAh battery, providing over 150 uses per single rapid 60-minute charge. This robust battery life, paired with the convenience of pass-through charging, affirms the SWITCH's versatility as a powerhouse portable or a stellar stationary vaporizer. Don't limit your vaping potential; embrace the seamless SWITCH to high-powered, customizable and efficient vaping with the Dr. Dabber SWITCH Electric Dab Rig.
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