Dr. Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS Electronic Dab Rig w/ Thermo Bag - 920mAh

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Experience the power, style, and efficiency with the Dr. Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS Electronic Dab Rig. This concentrate vaporizer is perfect for those who value quality, featuring a 920mAh battery for long-lasting use and time-efficient charging that only takes 30-60 minutes. The travel-sized dab rig is anything but ordinary, boasting a limited edition Khalifa Kush design that showcases your unique style. Adding to its supreme functionality is a thermochromic color-changing base fitted on a compact frame. The carrying bag further makes it the perfect companion for the go, ensuring portability and protection wherever you travel. This dab rig allows you to customize your vaping experience with four specially calibrated heat settings, ranging from 475°F to 675°F. With an impressive heat time of 9-12 seconds, your wait times will become almost non-existent. Enjoy up to 35 uses on a single charge, thereby making this a thoughtful, environment-friendly choice too. Also, you do not have to worry about any mess due to its innovative spill-proof bubbler design. Maintenance and upgrades of this rig are convenient with the availability of chamber replacements and glass attachment replacements. Boosting convenience is the added loading tool and carb cap which comes with a leash for easy handling. With all these features combined, the Dr. Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS Electronic Dab Rig with Thermo Bag - 920mAh leaves no stone unturned in enhancing your vaping experience. A unique fusion of aesthetic appeal, superior functionality, and thoughtful details makes it a must-have for any vaping aficionado.
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