Empire Glassworks Mini Recycler Dab Rig - 8""/14mm F/Under the Sea

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Take your herbal consumption experience to a whole new level with the Empire Glassworks Mini Recycler Dab Rig – 8”/14mm F/Under the Sea. This intricately designed, 8-inch glass dab rig takes inspiration from the breathtaking undersea world, adorned with a unique design from the renowned Empire Glassworks. A highlight of this fantastic dab rig is its efficient recycler style pipe system which sets a new standard for smoking experience. Along with its captivating aesthetics, the dab rig comes with UV reactive carb cap accents for a heightened visual experience. It features matching jellyfish carb cap and starfish banger inserts, which not only enhances its deep-sea theme but also promotes superior usage. Adding to its functionality, it includes a 14mm male banger which is an essential component for connoisseurs seeking the most out of their herbs. Notably, this Empire Glassworks piece is proudly made in the USA, showcasing not just its unrivaled design, but also its superior craftsmanship and quality. Even though this product is designed for the purest form of herbal indulgement, it's important to note its legal herbal use only and it's not intended for use with tobacco. Indulge in an enchanting undersea journey with every use of this dab rig.
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