Experience Optimal Dabbing with GRAV's 10MM 90 Quartz Bucket, Inserts & Carb Cap Set

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Enhance your concentrate dabbing experience with the GRAV's 10MM 90 Quartz Bucket, Inserts & Carb Cap Set. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, this dabbing set gives you top-notch quality tools to get started. With three quartz inserts included, the longevity of the seamless quartz bucket is no more a concern. These inserts not only preserve the bucket but also keep it pristine for a plethora of sessions. The set's highlight, the quartz insert, ensures commendable heat retention. Not stopping at that, the set elevates the dab's quality and control with the help of a directional airflow carb cap. Experience the power of modifying the airflow during use and witness an upgrade in your dabbing experience. All three tools synchronize their functions to provide you a clean, intensely flavorful draw like never before. Here’s what you get in this set – one 10mm 90° quartz bucket ornamented with a 25mm diameter. Not one, but three quartz inserts and a directional airflow carb cap all engineered to fit with joint size of 10mm male. The bucket is sized ideally with 2.25" width and 3.5" height. Don't hold back from exploring the insert dimensions of 3/4" width and 5/8" height, adding up to a 19mm wide insert. Also, cherish the carb cap dimensions with 1" width and 2.5" height. Opt for the GRAV's 10MM 90 Quartz Bucket, Inserts & Carb Cap Set and let the dabbing adventure begin.
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