Flux Ion

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Experience the latest innovation in dabbing technology with the world's first portable Plasma Dab Rig, the Flux Ion. Designed strategically for the Dab Community, the Flux Ion offers a unique lighting experience that will illuminate your entire room. Its portable compact design makes it perfect for those on-the-move, effortlessly fitting into your lifestyle. Charge it conveniently with a micro USB and enjoy the smooth, flavorful inhale from its percolating mouthpiece filled with water. Increasing its functionality, the Flux Ion can seamlessly transform into a water pipe. Simply replace the provided glass banger with a 14MM bowl to experience a different way to savor your preferred concentrates. The glass enclosure allows you to interact with your Flux Ion in a novel way, watch as the plasma reacts to your touch. Constructed from high-quality glass and silicone materials, the Flux Ion is a testament to craftsmanship and durability. The package includes one micro USB charging cord, a water-holding percolator mouthpiece, a 90-degree 14MM glass banger, and a spring-loaded carb. The product features a mesmerizing plasma chamber, compact design for portability, and is rechargeable with included 18350 batteries. Flux Ion's versatility stands out, giving you the option to convert it into a water pipe with the addition of a 14MM bowl piece. For assembly instructions, refer to the comprehensive Ion assembly video. Open up a new world of experiences with the Flux Ion, where portability, convenience, and innovation converge.
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