Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler

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Elevate your dabbing experience with Freeze Pipe's Elite Klein Recycler. This precision-engineered dab rig delivers outstanding performance in a sleek and bold design. Featuring a laser-cut, intricate percolator, it guarantees excellent filtration and an unbeatable smooth airflow. This kit includes two glycerin coils, a quartz banger with a core reactor, a carb cap, and a honeycomb bowl - your all-in-one solution to top-notch dab sessions. The Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler stands out with its impressive glycerin cooling technology. Unlike other rigs that overdo water filtration and strip off the concentrate's palatable flavor, this Freeze Pipe rig keeps it all intact. It can cool the smoke via a glycerin coil, all without skimping on the fuller flavor you crave for. It's this unique feature that makes this Freeze Pipe rig the go-to for smoother, lung-friendly hits enriched with robust flavors. Glycerin, the secret to our Freeze Pipe's cooling magic, is a gel-like liquid known for its remarkable ability to cool down rapidly and maintain freezing temperatures longer than typical ice. Unlike regular ice pinches that trickle down and overflow the percolation chamber, this safe, non-toxic substance is contained in a sealed chamber, granting you chilled hits without the mess. Maximize your Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler by placing the glycerin chamber in the freezer for at least an hour. For convenience, you can leave it longer or store it there permanently, so it's ready for your dabbing sessions. Connecting the chamber to the base is a breeze - simply use the included clip, and you're all set for your extraordinary dabbing journey with the Elite Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler.
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